bitrate drops

  1. JonaSanz

    inestabilidad en el bitrate

    hola llevo desde hace unos meses queriendo hacer streaming en distintas plataformas pero tengo un problema en concreto yo actualmente tengo contratado 20 megas de subida sin que nadie los utilice a demas de mi pc , el problema que surge es que siempre que hago directos y ponga cualquier cantidad...
  2. E

    kb/S drop when I open a game

    Hi, I don't speak English very well, so I will probably correct this text with a translator. When I open the OBS and turn on normal stream, just capturing my desktop the kb/S are stable at 6000, but when I open a game like fortnite, minecraft or League of Legends, the kb/S go between 0 and 100...
  3. mucks

    Bitrate Keeps Dropping

    hello, i'm trying to figure out why the bitrate keeps dropping everytime i stream; cant tell it's either the settings i have or due to internet usage by my family. it's getting really annoying everytime my stream looks like pixels instead of clearness. here's the log...
  4. S

    Sudden Low Bitrate With Good Internet Speeds?

    Log - I've been streaming with OBS just fine and for some reason since yesterday the dropped frames have been horrendous even though the internet is fine and i can screenshare to vcs on discord with no issues. I tried switching servers, enabaling...
  5. W

    The bitrate drops to zero

    When the stream starts, 30 minutes pass and after that the bitrate drops to zero and the broadcast is buffered. The antivirus is disabled and the firewall is also disabled. The Internet is good, there was no such problem before. I threw off several logs of the stream launch sessions