Job post for a script for OverWatch/OBS recording/streaming


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just a simple copy of a job post we currently have at our company for a freelance job. if you're interested email and/or apply on upwork:

As competitive gamers, we're looking for a custom app for recording and/or streaming Overwatch replays.


Basically, given an overwatch username, password, replay code, and a player offset (F1-F12), the app should login, start the game, import the replay code, select the correct player, and record or stream (configurable using OBS) the replay.

The app should perfectly start recording and/or streaming at the start of the game (within a second) and end recording/streaming perfectly (within a second) at the end of a game.

Whether it records or streams should be configurable. I think you can just trigger some key-press for start-record and another key-press for start-stream and configure OBS to listen to these specific keypresses.

The source code must be changeable.

You'll very likely use some kind of image recognition program to see whether the game is loaded to trigger the start of the recording. It must work on any screen reasonable resolution (720p - 4K). Using existing tools is fine, as long as the license costs are included in the invoice or the tool is free (without ads).

When the recording is done, the tool should exit. One should be able to run the tool multiple times to record multiple games or multiple perspectives of the same game.

Tests it must pass:

- Given an invalid replay code, it must exit with error describing there is an invalid code
- Given an invalid username or password, it must exit with error describing something went wrong signing in
- Given a replay code, it should trigger OBS to record gameplay, and stop recording at the end of the game.
- Given a replay code, it should trigger OBS to stream gameplay, and stop streaming at the end of the game.
- Given a replay code twice but from different perspectives, it should correctly reload the same replay but now record from the other perspective. (i.e. it should still be able to record already imported games)
- The tool must be able to be used successfully to record multiple games after the other

Optional but desirable:

- The tool must report on progress (for example, by writing a file with the duration of the game, so we can estimate how long recording will take)
- The tool must be able to extract the names of the players and report it somehow