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    Job post for a script for OverWatch/OBS recording/streaming

    Hello, just a simple copy of a job post we currently have at our company for a freelance job. if you're interested email and/or apply on upwork: As competitive gamers, we're looking for a custom app for recording and/or streaming...
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    Streaming Service Addition to List of Services

    Hi All, I'm not quite sure if this is the right place, but I am consulting for a company that would like their platform integrated into the list of streaming services available in the settings. Basically the same kind of thing Twitch and Mixer do. We have instructions that each user needs to...
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    Desktop Developer with OBS Experience for Contract Work

    Hi, I work for a video streaming service, and we're in the process of building an OBS plugin to improve workflow for our customers. We'd love to hire a desktop developer who has OBS experience to consult with us. If interested, please message me, and we can discuss it more.