1. W

    Looking For Something Else Here.

    I have gone through this forum and its related to OBS, linux etc. Which is great for technical users like me. I can contribute in this forum as well which is great and I am so excited about it. But I thought there should be forum board for entertainment purpose as well where people can come and...
  2. R

    Is it possible to sample 16bit colour values with textureSampler ?

    I am writing a filter with OBS-Shaderfilter to remap an image/video. The filter creates its output by sampling a texture image and uses Red/Green values as new co-ordinates to sample the input). I've seen this called UV mapping or ST mapping. It works OK with an 8 bit RG texture image, but...
  3. V

    Windows app with opacity

    I'm wondering if it is possible to create a Windows app with an opaque (not fully transparent) background that can be captured and overlayed on top of other sources in OBS? Any examples of such apps? What I mean is: If yes, what kind of development tools can I use to create such an app (GUI...
  4. H

    Job post for a script for OverWatch/OBS recording/streaming

    Hello, just a simple copy of a job post we currently have at our company for a freelance job. if you're interested email and/or apply on upwork: As competitive gamers, we're looking for a custom app for recording and/or streaming...
  5. chrisinhim

    looks like "motion-effect" plugin developed by catxfish needs some help to progress.

    Can somebody who can develop the plugins, help on the GitHub.
  6. T

    Is it possible to detect on screen events using OBS?

    Hi everyone, I'm video capturing a load of VHS tapes using OBS. It's actually really well suited for the job. There's something that would make my life a lot easier though. It's not possible for me to know the run-time of the VHS tape, otherwise I would simply set a recording timer and...
  7. AlexGuo1998

    Quesiton of obs_scene_find_source

    Hello devs. Looking into the implementation of obs_scene_find_source (here), I noticed that the reference of returned sceneitem is not incremented. Is it possible that the sceneitem gets destroyed before the scene gets released? e.g. User removes that item from the scene using GUI. Should I call...
  8. R

    Voice Activity icon / Voice Controlled image changing?

    Hi there, hopefully this isn't in the wrong section. I am attempting to have a small image in the stream scene that changes when my microphone is active. For example: I have a small transparent sprite of a dinosaur next to a microphone. I would like to have this image change to a different...
  9. univrsal

    OBS Studio and CLion

    Since CLion does not seem to be capable of setting up a development environment automatically for OBS Studio (It usually will be unable to compile and run and will hide builds in a deep folder structure) here's how I made CLion play nice with OBS Studio's source code. CLion is a cross platform...