Is it possible to detect on screen events using OBS?


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Hi everyone,

I'm video capturing a load of VHS tapes using OBS. It's actually really well suited for the job.

There's something that would make my life a lot easier though.

It's not possible for me to know the run-time of the VHS tape, otherwise I would simply set a recording timer and leave it. However, when the video runs out of tape, the VHS player displays a blue screen. Ideally, I would like for OBS to detect that a blue screen has appeared for x amount of seconds and either stop recording or play a loud notification so I can come and manually stop the recording myself.

I appreciate that this is asking a lot and is some high level OBS wizardry, but does anyone know a way of doing this? Accessing the API? Some kind of plugin perhaps?

I'm pretty handy with C++ / Python etc. so if that's what it takes, I'm willing to give it a go.


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Are we allowed to bump?

I'm thinking one solution could be to output the stream to another application that can detect screen events