Question / Help I've realized that I need help. Two problems I can't seem to solve. [1/2 Solved]


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Hi everyone.
I've finally come to the conclusion that I can't fix these things myself. I usually can, so I thought I could this time as well. But NOTHING I do seem to have any impact or help on any of the problems I'm having.

First of all, I've seen that you guys really want log files from OBS to go with the post. Thing is, whenever I upload a log file from OBS, it just gives me this:


So I've uploaded the logfile to my DropBox instead. Here's the link:

And here's my specs:

Anyway, to the problem(s).
First of all, my main streaming game is Rocket League. People know me for it, and I'm good at it, so a lot of viewers there.
I've always been able to stream it with +150 FPS, with no problems at all. However recently, when I start the game and start streaming, I'll only be able to play for 20-30 min before the framerate drops BELOW 50. And literally nothing except restarting my computer is able to "reset" the FPS to normal.

Some facts about the (first) problem:
  • If I play it without streaming, no problem. I can play it as long as I want with no FPS drop.
  • If I play it and start streaming, within 30 minutes my FPS will drop below 50.
  • Changing any kind of setting doesn't make any difference.
  • If I play the game, start streaming, then STOP streaming and close OBS, the problem persists. Won't be able to get more than 50 FPS before a complete restart of my system.
  • It only happens in Rocket League. Games like CSGO, Path of Exile and Fortnite have no FPS problems.

The first thing I thought was that my temperatures must be the problem. It seems like a common temperature problem, with the performance degrading gradually over time. However, running Speccy alongside my game, while streaming, with my temps clearly visible at all times, the temps do not seem to be the problem. Neither my CPU, GPU or motherboard will surpass 70 degrees. With my (limited) knowledge, this shouldn't ever cause temperature problems. Am I right about this?

Let me know if you need any other info about that problem.

The next problem: OBS won't capture Fortnite anymore. It's just black screen. I've never had any problem with it. I've tried Game Capture and Screen Capture, it's just black. Compability Hook ON/OFF, no change. Windowed Mode/Fullscreen, no change. Vsync ON/OFF, no change. The game is not being captured on any other scene or source.
This seemingly simple problem also has me stumped.

Let me know if you need any other info at all.

Thanks in advance!
- Fuzz


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You have too many game capture sources.
You're also not running OBS as admin.

What is "too many game capture sources"? There's a limit?

Alright, I'll run it as admin from now on and test if anything's changed. Thanks.

EDIT: Alright, that fixed the Fortnite problem! I deleted some scenes with game capture I didn't use, and started running OBS as admin. That did the trick. Thanks a lot Harold. Gonna test RL now.
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First, for the Capture Sources Limit:
There isn't a capture (be it game, window or screen) sources limit. BUT if you keep many capture sources inside your scene, even if you disable them, obs wants to connect them to their once connected windows and tries to render them (in the background of course) for the case you disable one of them. if they would connect and begin rendering in just the second you activate them, there would be a brief stutter. so it is recommended to have as little capturing sources as possible. i prefer having just one source per scene. you can for example create one scene per game you are playing.

Second, for the Fortnite problem:
OBS can only capture windows running in the same or lower user context as itself. a game running with admin privileges can only be captured by OBS running with admin privileges. that is not fortnite exclusive, it is part of the windows user security to prevent tasks from accessing memory of other users' tasks.


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Alright, thanks a lot as well for your explanation Retropixelshow.

The Rocket League problem persists, though.


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If anyone have any ideas on the Rocket League problem, I'm still open. It isn't fixed yet. I can confirm the problem is ONLY with Rocket League.


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Bumping this. Problem still isn't fixed and I'm out of options that doesn't include upgrading to Win10 or reinstalling Windows :(


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Okey, i have same issue, FPS drops only on RL, but when i stream with obs streamlabs its fine, there is no fps drop, the moment i switch to obs studio fps drops. I did everything what i have found on forum, nothing helped. The only thing that is left to revers win update.


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For me, the problem is smaller, but it's still there one StreamLabs OBS. It takes longer time for the FPS to drop, but eventually it drops.


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Activating SLI capture mode will actually make performance noticeably worse rather than better, as the capture method is significantly slower than even display capture.


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Just found another solution!
Dont do anything in obs, just go on Rocket League and activate Vsync or put your fps limit to 60


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I'm also having this issue. (Have been for a few months now). All games work fine with OBS except for Rocket League. In Rocket League I will have 250 FPS and the second the OBS Game Capture Hook kicks in it will drop to around 50-60 FPS and become very choppy. If I quit OBS my frame rate will go back up. The issue seems to be capture related because I run into this even before recording or streaming.


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Alrighty I upgraded to latest version. Here is my log

Now it seems to be getting pinned to ~61fps instead of the 140-164 it can easily maintain under non-streaming circumstances.

edit: If I change from x265 to NVENC, then my in-game is smooth but the stream is incredibly choppy. I'm not sure if that's an issue with Rocket League or OBS though.
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