Bug Report Issue with "Height" of Window "Settings"


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I use OBS 23.2.1 and Windows 7 64bit and a screen resolution of 1360x768 (i check here http://whatismyscreenresolution.net).

I want to ask how to reduce HEIGHT from the "Settings" window because every time I access the button and the Window is always too high so that the button in the "Settings" window is not visible. Always need to resize the HEIGHT Window so you can see the ("OK" "Apply" "Cancel") button.

Every LIVE to facebook, you must enter streamkey, so you always have to access the "Settings" button and the "Settings" window appears which is more than the HEIGHT side.

Can you change the default Window Settings by adding some scripts to the .qss file? And like adding it, please help me. I tried googling but never found it until this moment. But I already googled and read if .qss file is able to add code to change the theme.

help pelase, thanks


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