window size

  1. ˆ[GS]^

    Free OBS Window Size Helper 1.0.1

    Helps to create a fake window of any size in any position to make it easier to adjust the screen from OBS, without having to open the games in windowed mode to check the framing. It contains some preconfigured resolutions, you can invert the color to generate more contrast with the background...
  2. Lance_Lake

    OBS resizes itself when selecting a game source. Not the game source, but the OBS window.

    Description: When selecting a source, if not full screen, OBS will resize itself. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Launch OBS. 2. Make scene with game source. 3. Take OBS out of full screen mode. 4. Resize OBS window to something smaller than 1080px wide. 5. Click on the game source. Expected Result...
  3. U

    Bug Report Issue with "Height" of Window "Settings"

    I use OBS 23.2.1 and Windows 7 64bit and a screen resolution of 1360x768 (i check here I want to ask how to reduce HEIGHT from the "Settings" window because every time I access the button and the Window is always too high so that the button in the...
  4. codemann8

    [Bug] Fixed source sizes

    It'd be nice to force a particular source to stay a certain size, no matter how the originating window changes. Currently, if I have a game window open, I add it to OBS and make it look nice in the preview. However, depending on the game I'm playing, i may need to change the window size of the...
  5. solo013

    Bug Report Option Windows Spawn Too Big

    I have OBS on 3 different computers. On two of them it works perfectly fine. However, on my laptop, which I use with OBS to VLOG, when I open an option window, such as the audio source filters window or profile settings window, the window is always so large I have to drag the window down from...
  6. icanswiim70

    Question / Help WINDOW SIZE

    Hey everyone. I was directed to a forum here that i didn't quite understand (It also appeared to be quite old) *IF A CURRENT FORUM EXISTS FOR MY QUESTION PLEASE REFER ME THERE* Here's my question/issue. I created an overlay for console streaming, and used the standard screen dimensions...