Is there a way to play videos one after another? (Without using the VLC media source)


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I have created a 5 minute countdown and at the very end I have made the video open up with an alpha channel revealing the streamer. For obvious file size reasons I don't want to have to render the whole 5 minute video with an alpha channel to only be used at the very end. I noticed that you can create a playlist on the VLC media source but every time I use codecs with an alpha channel present the video looks super wack and terrible. So ideally I would have 99% of the video without an alpha channel and then OBS automatically plays the next video that has been rendered with an alpha channel. Hopefully that makes sense.


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You can try if the source switcher plugin works for your case. It can switch to the next source when a source is done playing.
Or maybe use the advanced scene switcher plugin to switch scenes when the source is done playing.