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    Need help to setup OBS for F1 League

    Good morning, We have started to livestream our League through OBS, so far weused the spectator Mode to switch between the Players. Now i had the idea to get several viewing points at once, like a TV Studio. To achieve this goal i wanted to insert the livestreams of players into Twitch. For...
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    Is there a way to play videos one after another? (Without using the VLC media source)

    I have created a 5 minute countdown and at the very end I have made the video open up with an alpha channel revealing the streamer. For obvious file size reasons I don't want to have to render the whole 5 minute video with an alpha channel to only be used at the very end. I noticed that you can...
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    How To Play Multiple Videos With Alpha' One After Another?

    Currently I have ONE video that's just a music visualizer that goes over my 'BRB Overlay' I want to add more song and have them be on screen visually. Note: I also have to 'output and monitor' the video so I know when the song ends as I mute desktop audio so it doesn't get an echo. So...
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    Question / Help I'm a newby. Want to record a PPT slideshow then add another video in it.

    I am new to OBS and just trying to figure out how to do one of the main things I need to use it for. I have a powerpoint slideshow with narration that I want to record part of, then record another video, then restart the slideshow. Basically, I don't have the newer PPT app that allow me to...