Is there a way to have multiple different audio tracks?


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So first off, I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped me with my last problem. In the end, it turns out I was doing it right (tho I did manage to increase my quality) but it was the games fault, not obs. Well now I have a new question. I want to create 3 different audio tracks for when I record. One for my microphone, one for discord audio, and one for game volume. Is such a thing possible? and how do I achieve this? thanks in advance!


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There are several guides that explain how to extract desired sources from the mix of general desktop audio and split them into several tracks. You need to "split" audio - that's the term used in the linked guides.

Often it works like this: you install a virtual audio device and configure the app you want to record to output its sound not to the default device but to that virtual audio device. In OBS, you record that virtual audio device. These guides all deal with separating audio with different focus: