Question / Help iPhone 11 Recording Choppy Sound


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Hi, I have been using OBS for about 6 months now, and have had no issues recording on an iphone 8. However I've upgraded to an iphone 11, and when I record using the same exact settings on the phone and in OBS the audio is recorded very choppy and unusable, meanwhile plugging in that older iphone 8 I have no issues.

I have seen some mention of El Gato being an issue with choppy sound, however I am not using El Gato in this specific case. My sources are IOS Camera, Display Capture and my Logitech Webcam. In my settings on OBS I have set the audio to 44.1khz.
When I use voicememo on my Iphone 11 I have no issues, so the problem seems to be with OBS either at the phone level or at the PC.

Any ideas?



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I can just confirm the same problem.
I use ipohne 11, iOS camera version 2.5.3-50 and OBS 24.0.2 on MACOS 10.13.6
The sound of the videos taken by iphone is OK
The sound from the computers build-in microfone is OK
But the sound from iOS camera in OBS is choppy. When I increase the sound level, I can hear a periodical increase and decrease of the background noise cca 3 times per second.


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Does anybody know a fix for this? I'm on the newest OBS and the paid obs iphone app. I just upgraded from an iphone X to an iphone 11. the same settings but when I plugin the 11 it records the audio all choppy and is unusable


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Same problem here, I installed the pluggin but the sound is choppy, are there any plans of an update for newest MacOS and IOS ???


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This is the community support site for Open Broadcaster Studio, OBS.

OBS camera is a separate project sold on Apple's App Store.

From their FAQ:

Q: Is this an Official Project from the creators of OBS Studio?
No, this is a unaffiliated project by a third party.