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    Can i stream 720 p 60 fps on a iPhone 11?

    Hi i've bought a iphone from Sweden but cant seem to get the iPhone to work on 60 fps, Is anyone else used to this that could give me some pointers? Sorry for my English if i made mistakes. Thank you in advance
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    OBS - iPhone 11 - Only works with Telecast installed

    Hello, Please find the log file attached. I tried all the steps covered on this page : https://obs.camera/docs/getting-started/ios-camera-plugin-usb/ Nothing worked, it was all just a grey screen. I've installed Telecast on my phone and the video pops up in OBS when the app is in focus and...
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    Live stream iPhone 11/Samsung Note HDMI to OBS via capture card

    Hello Everyone, We are using Sony Camera + HDMI Capture card + OBS Studio to perform the Live stream in YouTube. Now, I would like to try Live streaming through OBS Studio capture card from iPhone 11/Samsung Note. We use Ctype to HDMI converter to Capture card but OBS does not show video when...
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    Question / Help Help with Taking Calls with iPhone for Stream

    Good day, If this has already been solved please point me in the right direction. I want to take a phone call from my iPhone 11 PRO MAX on my stream. This requires getting audio out and back into the phone through the Lighting port. Since my Apollo x8p does not have a lighting port for easy...
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    Question / Help Audio Loses Sync within One Second

    Hi, I'm using the OBS Camera plugin to shoot video from my iPhone11, and the Focusrite Scarlett Audio interface to bring audio from my wireless mic into OBS. Working on a 2018 Macbook Air running 10.14. I shot a test video with this new set up, to figure out the lag offset. In iMovie I could...
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    Question / Help IPhone 11 showing as Video Capture Device

    Hey all I’m running OBS on a Mac laptop and my iPhone shows as a Video Capture Device which I want to use as a webcam. The problem is the screen is casting from my phone so I see the record button, camera settings etc. Any way to remove this ? I was running the OBS camera app for a webcam on...
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    Question / Help iPhone 11 Recording Choppy Sound

    Hi, I have been using OBS for about 6 months now, and have had no issues recording on an iphone 8. However I've upgraded to an iphone 11, and when I record using the same exact settings on the phone and in OBS the audio is recorded very choppy and unusable, meanwhile plugging in that older...