Intel N100 Quick Sync Video not recognized


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Hello, I'm trying to get OBS running on a Windows 11 mini PC with an Intel N100 Processor (embedded celeron/pentium equivalent). It's iGPU is Intel® UHD Graphics Alder Lake 24EU at 750MHz and Intel lists this GPU as QSV compatible. Graphics driver is Arc, which I believe to be the most recent.

However OBS only lists Software (x264) as an option for the Encoder. How do I get OBS to recognize QSV with this processor?

The Log anylyzer gives a critical "wrong GPU" error, implying I have 2 GPUs, which I don't.
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I don't know if relevant, But trying to configure this PC headless with windows Remote Desktop.

(EDIT: Is very relevant. Can see QSV when not remote, but I need to control the stream remotely)


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Hi All,
Did OBS Studio work on the intel N100 using quicksyc encoding? I want to buy a Beelink N100 CPU 16 GB ram PC for OBS. Just wondering how OBS runs on it?


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Simple solution - use something other than Microsoft Remote Desktop as it uses it's own video driver and is known to cause trouble. Parsec, Chrome Remote Desktop, VNC all should work fine.