Input picking up Output


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I noticed during a recent stream that while playing a game called Control my OBS (latest version) input assigned to my Wave:3 was registering gun shots in the game. This was unique to that specific sound and none of the background music or other sound effects. In an effort to trouble shoot, I muted my mic and repeated the issue to confirm it wasn't a mouse or keyboard click. I am running OBS on Windows 11 using the Elgato Wave Link (mixer) software. In Wave Link I am separating out a number of the channels into different sections (see images below).

Screenshot 2021-12-07 181210.png

Most of the titles are fairly clear, however, my OBS comes through the System mix. Has anyone else had any issues where certain game audio comes over their input?

Thanks in advance!


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You'd need to reach out to Elgato for assistance with audio routing through their software. This isn't something OBS can control, aside from the Monitoring system (which Elgato will be able to investigate, as they are fully cognizant with OBS Studio).


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Okay, I found the issue. This was actually an issue in OBS with the settings that I choose. Elgato offers two mic-in options:
  • Mic in stream
  • Mic in.
I had previously choose Mic in stream which pulls in a combination of the audio settings and not strictly the mic.