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Image Reaction 1.2


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In regards to GIF in OBS, I discovered this a while back:

I kept running into an issue where OBS was using a ridiculous amount of resources, so much I had to hard reset the computer after a few minutes to even escape the program. I scoured the forums trying to figure it out, I never saw a clear answer so I started removing assets from the overlay including a couple of animated ones looking for anything that was a strain on the cpu. I discovered that while I was experimenting with webm and transparent video files to reduce the resource drain and still get the look I wanted (I couldn't properly encode them so I gave up on it) I had made all the gifs but one into a media source rather than an image source. One single 11 frame repeating animated gif was responsible for thousands of dropped frames over a 2 hour stream. Once I changed it to a media source my stream was perfect.

The reactive images in this now include gif, so I gave it a try. OBS normally takes up about 8-15% cpu in task manger with my two gif images in the overlay, with the reactive image it jumped to 26% and dropped frames every few seconds, which I think because it's treating the gif as an image source rather than a media source, much like the problem I had before.

This was with Envenc encoder, but I'm not sure it matters, because the problem was originally occurring regardless of the encoded, without even actively streaming or recording.
My computer is a windows 10, Intel i5 4670, with 24gb of ram and nvidia gtx1650 gpu if that helps any.
My plugin based on original Image Source plugin. I originally maked it for static images. Probably i can cache gifs or something, but firstly i need to fix most crashes on some setups.


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This is awesome, Scaled! Thanks again!
Is there any chance you could add support for video ( for a longer loop)?
(I have loaded a video with an alpha channel which looks great but does not play, it just shows the first frame)
It would be awesome to be able to load videos as well.


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This little plugin has been such a life savers. I was playing around with VoiceMeeter Macro Buttons, trying to get a static image to swap to a GIF when I spoke, I spent like two days fiddling with it. Then I came across this. Insert 2 files and basically ready to go.


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Is it possible to add multiple audio sources to detect audio for a one image? If you could implement that, that will be awesome.


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No, i don't own anything apple related. Source code is open, so if you find someone with mac, who knows how to compile plugin, you're welcome.
I tried compiling it, and I think I have a solution. I noticed your code was based off of Spectralizer. That plugin’s developer was able to make a mac installation with a .so file as its source code. (However, this was the old way I installed Spectralizer - I just found out that its devs also made a complete mac installer. Fortunately, the old version still works on my mac OBS with the .so method.) I suggest you go check with those Spectralizer devs to see how they made a mac installation. HOMEBREW IS THE KEY!!!