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Image Reaction 1.2

This little plugin has been such a life savers. I was playing around with VoiceMeeter Macro Buttons, trying to get a static image to swap to a GIF when I spoke, I spent like two days fiddling with it. Then I came across this. Insert 2 files and basically ready to go. Big thanks to the creator!
I have no idea what I will use this for but it's pretty cool, and in my testing it worked really well.

I wish usage instructions were included. What I figured out is this is NOT a filter, but a source. You add the source, then select two images. When there's no sound it shows one image, and when there is enough sound, it shows another image
Is it a filter? What it's name? I have no idea if the thing works or not. Can you shoot us a link on how it actually works?
OMG This is brilliant, I was looking for something like this for ages! Finally I did a hack that worked using the audio spectralizer blown up as a dynamic image mask, but tat only turned an image on which meant I could have no alpha channel and was just way too complicated.
Now I pop in to look for a better transition and find THIS!!!
Thankyou so much, this is a genius solution, so simple to use.
Works great and the gif animation.