Question / Help I can't stream PUBG without limiting my FPS to 60


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My config: So, here's my specs: RX 580 8gb; Ryzen 3600, 16gb of ram, 144hz monitor. Obs settings I normaly stream: Output and Video. (I stream games like Dark Souls, Hearthstone, CSGO, Albion, etc, at medium). And games like Battlefield 5, Escape From Tarkov, Squad, etc, at veryfast, for higher fps.
My problem: when I stream either PUBG or cod MW, I still have great fps (playing at 120fps), even when streaming at medium preset. However, for the viewer side of the stream it's constantly lagging and stuttering. It's like the game is dropping from 100 to 5 fps every 5 seconds.

Also, this problem does not occur in any other games I've tested besides PUBG or MW. I've tested: Battlefield 5; Escape from Tarkov; Squad; Battlefield 4; CSGO; Dark Souls 1 & 2; Hearthstone; Hollow Knight; Ghost of a Tale; Albion Online (very cpu intensive), Arma 3(extremely cpu intensive). And none of these games I experience anything similar to this.

What I've tried: changing EVERY SIGNLE SETTINGS FROM MY OBS. I've gone as far as running everything at the minimum settings, (ultrafast, 720p30fps, 1000k bitrate), as to running the GPU encoder. I also tried the wizard auto configurator. I also did the same things I did above on streamlabs OBS.I've actually tried many other things (I won't be able to list here because I wasn't logging what I was doing, I was just changing stuff and testing to see if it would work.

What """"""fixed"""""" the problem: So, finally I tried enabling vsync and limiting my fps to 60. And BOOOM, pubg and cod magically run perfectly for the viewers. They experienced no lag or stuttering or frame dropping what so ever when I limited the frame to 60fps. However, the more I unlimited my fps (100, 120, etc) the more lag it would have. Anything above 60 fps causes lag.

Why this fix doesn't help me at all: As I stated on "my config", I have a 144hz monitor, and for anyone who has experienced more than 100fps over time, knows that it's basically impossible to go back to 60hz for fast paced shooters. So this workaround of limiting the fps to 60 basically makes the game unplayable for me. (Imagine you can't run your games at 60fps anymore, and now you can only play them at 30, that's what it feels for me.
Conclusion: Does anyone knows how to fix this problem besides enabling Vsync, because it's obviously not an option for


i set my monitor from 144hz to 120hz. the refreshrate has to be a multi of 60. i know it sucks, but for me the refreshrate was the problem.
if it lag after that, than thats most of the time the ingame graphic settings.
i have 4 monitors. 3 of them are on 60hz (thats the end) and my main monitor is on 120hz.
Ingame i set the fps limit to 60fps and disable vsync.
2. i dont set newnvenc for streaming. i use y cpu.
my 2070 is nearly to 90-100% usage ingame. there is no space für obs. that was also a problem for me.

i would try to set your monitor ingame to 120hz and see if it works.