obs 20.1.3

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    Problem in installing OBS

    I'm not able to install OBS in 32bit windows. Everytime I try, it shows me something is missing, entry point error etc. I have tried my best to resolve all the issues but still it's the same. What should I do now?
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    Question / Help Audio pops/glitches while recording

    So, I've been recording some Geometry Dash lately, and I've noticed that the audio pops and glitches at an extreme scale. It's extremely unbearable and I want it to stop. I've messed around with settings, looking at other forums, running OBS as admin, etc. It also appears as if the bass in the...
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    Question / Help live streaming pixellation

    Hi and for almost 4 years I have used obs to record my videos. But or always a problem with live streaming on YouTube. When I see the live on my channel, I see that even if it is of high quality, you can see the screen all pixelated with a horrible quality, inaccessible to me. Just to know that...
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    Question / Help I can't stream PUBG without limiting my FPS to 60

    My config: So, here's my specs: RX 580 8gb; Ryzen 3600, 16gb of ram, 144hz monitor. Obs settings I normaly stream: Output and Video. (I stream games like Dark Souls, Hearthstone, CSGO, Albion, etc, at medium). And games like Battlefield 5, Escape From Tarkov, Squad, etc, at veryfast, for...
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    Question / Help Screen tearing while OBS is open

    I record at 1080p, 240fps and my pc can run the game at much higher fps. Tried G-Sync + V-Sync, and maxing out fps and nothing seems to work. Log file is attached. Many thanks (: