Huge Framerate Issue


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So apparently, I've been able to learn quite a bit from experimenting with the Studio, but for some reason, the struggle to enhance my webcam quality is creating migranes.

The webcam (which is a Logitech c905) is capable of running 720p at 30 fps. However, to this day (3 days to be exact) the preview and the output of the webcam footage comes off as something reminiscent of 5 fps, EVEN when video properties allow you to display at 30fps. I've made sure to fondle with display configuration accordingly, and the lighting's not bad, especially during the day atm. All of my desktop drivers are up to date, I'm currently using Windows 10, and I'm not sure what else inhibits camera performance like what the camera gets.

I'm currently trying to stream Nintendo Switch gameplay, and the system runs fine despite a half-second lag. With the webcam, I not only get lag, but low fps, AND motion blur. Is this just due to horrible configuration or is this a hardware issue? Log included:


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...Motion blur in the original camera content is the key!
Then you will definitely know that the cameras shutter speed is way too long (for reaching acceptable fps). (Stutter (low fps) of the camera but sharp as hell could have other reasons, but in this case the motion blur seems to clear it =D )

What exactly you meant with "lighting's not bad". Did you tried meanwhile in bright sun, just to be sure if the camera is capable to deliver fluent fast fps by itself under bright lighting? (if the manufacturer speaks of 30fps, they always mean that under ideal/best conditions to the point.)

Next step would be to have a look into the cameras driver attributes. Often shutter speed vs. iso/gain may be set. Naturally, in case of a weak camera fast pictures will be bought with grainy, noisy material, but then you'll know the limits of that camera.


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Thank you. To answer your question, I used the sunlight from my window to brighten the scenery up a bit. But I did this with no knowledge of the webcams capabilities, so all is good for now!

I'll get back to working on it once I finish work, but this is important stuff, so thank you.