Question / Help How to record streaming audio from VST plugin monitoring?


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Hello everybody! I'm a proud user of OBS since years and I want to thank the community for what you all are doing!
I have a big issue I can't seem to solve by myself, so I'm here asking you all.
I have a Windows 10 64 bit PC equipped with good memory/processor, an internal nVidia GTX 750 Ti videocard and an external M-Audio M-Track II audiocard.
I am a guitar player and I often use VST plugins inside my DAWs (mainly Cubase or Reaper). I usually record the screen with OBS and no problem with it, but I cannot record the audio. I've tried many different settings, but none of them seemed to work.
I specify that the audio source that I want to record while capturing the screen is the monitoring sound that comes out of the DAW while I am playing live, which is NOT my guitar's input source, because I am essentially recording clean DI tracks of my guitar and using the various VSTs to "re-amp" later.
Thank you for reading this message, hope someone can help.


You will need ReaRoute and OBS-ASIO plugin

OBS-ASIO allows you to capture ASIO Inputs, key word being inputs, not outputs. So it is fine if you want to do processing in OBS, doesn't work for the output of a DAW, that is where ReaRoute comes in.

You use ReaRoute to send your DAWs output signal to your ReaRoute ASIO Driver, you then set up an ASIO Input source in OBS to receive the signal from your ReaRoute ASIO


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You will need ReaRoute and OBS-ASIO plugin [...]
Thank you so much for answerring me that fast! I've installed OBS Asio and ReaRoute.
I've created a new project in Reaper and added one track. In Routing for Track 1 window I chose "Add new hardware output..." and clicked on ReaRoute 1, without touching anything else.
In OBS, I created a new scene. Video, captures the default screen and that's ok. Audio, I chose "Asio input" and in its windows I selected "ReaRoute ASIO x64" as device, OBS Channel 1 was selected on "mute", I switched it to "ReaRoute ASIO x64 0 ReaRoute Reaper => Client 1", OBS Channel 2 was on "mute" and didn't touch it since I only need a mono recording.
Now, having Reaper and OBS open, I have two instances of ASIO4allV2, in the bottom right bar, one for Reaper and one for OBS, is this ok?
I plugged my guitar and tried playing. I can hear everything alright in Reaper, but still OBS isn't recording any audio. What's wrong?
I closed and opened OBS and now it's working!
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