How to capture Windows "Movie & TV" app as window capture?


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Hi, I'm trying to get the windows 10 "Movies & TV" app to capture as a window capture in OBS (27.2.4).
Notably I'm not trying to capture a specific video file, I want ANY video I've opened with this app to show in OBS, so a video source capture isn't a realistic option here as I can't manually update the source file each time. I also do not want to use VLC for this for a bunch of reasons not relevant here.

For context, I'm streaming gameplay and somewhat frequently grabbing short clips via nvidia's shadowplay. And then with my group we often live-review the grabbed clips for gameplay issues so we can correct them while I'm still streaming to viewers on twitch. This is done for the group via Discord "screen share" to the voice call we're in (however it's not sharing my "screen", it's specifically the Movies & TV app only that's selected/shared via the share application option), so we can all see what I'm looking at. I want viewers of my twitch stream (so via OBS) to see what I'm showing my group on discord, so replicate the same thing: I'm sharing the Movie's & TV app on discord, I want to share/capture it on OBS at the same time.

Nothing I'm selecting seems to make the Movies & TV application show up in the window capture select pane, I've tried changing the capture method but this application doesn't show up. Tried running as administrator but that doesn't change anything either. Also doesn't show up if I try to use game capture. Display capture isn't a viable option either as I don't want to risk various other things showing up in my stream.

Any help is appreciated!