Question / Help How to adjust PS4 volume using Elgato HD60S?


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Hi. I'm having an issue where the PS4 audio from the HD60S is WAY too loud, usually making other sounds like alerts and etc impossible to hear. I have configured it in two ways, neither of them really satisfactory:

- Sending the Elgato audio through to my computer, thus making it possible for me to hear it and send both to the stream via my Desktop Audio (Img #1)

- Setting it to Audio Output Only and using the audio monitor to hear it, making it possible to adjust the volume, but it duplicates the audio, once on the PS4 audio sent from Elgato and another on the Desktop Audio itself, since it's the only place I can monitor the audio from (Img #2)

Neither of the solutions were really satisfactory and I'm looking for a way to not have my audio duplicated while being able to adjust the volume, since it's just WAY too loud. Thanks in advance.


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