Question / Help How do I set up my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20?


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Hey ladies and gents, I need some help figuring out how to set up my audio interface. Windows sees the 18i20 but it seems like OBS doesn't receive any signal from the device, which has the 48v on and I can see the meters moving so the 18i20 is working properly. I usually use this on my laptop (MacBook) within a DAW but I don't understand the complexity of the audio settings on Win10. Does anyone have a clue on how to fix this?

here's the log file:

Thank you in advanced for helping me :)
Hi, I don't know much about win10 audio in particular, but I used to have an 18i20.

(Honestly my first advice is if you can afford it, move to a ui24r - I did, and it was expensive (though I found one on sale), but it can do everything the 18i20 can do and then like 10x more, it's easily portable, it works without a computer or over wifi, the drivers are way less frustrating, and the sound quality is much much better.)

Anyway, first of all, sometimes the 18i20 wouldn't connect to its control panel and it would need rebooting. Sometimes a computer reboot would fix it. Sometimes the USB connection came off the back just enough to fail!

Much like I just posted about in another thread, often some software is trying to speak 44.1KHz and some is 48KHz. The 18i20 tried to speak 96KHz a lot of the time. If the speed of the software and the speed of the control panel were different, it would go totally silent and not explain why in any way.

You might also have luck using Voicemeeter Banana to mix because that could take some of the frustrating 18i20 interface out of the situation. Though I also remember painstakingly going through every channel on the 18i20 and setting the outputs and inputs so that Track 1 = Input 1 = Output 1 etc, all in alignment, because I don't think there was a default or pushbutton way to set that up. (On the ui24r, there's literally a single button to do that. :) )