audio capture issuses

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    Question / Help Jittery Microphone Audio

    When recording audio, despite the desktop audio being perfectly fine, the microphone always does this Audio Example If someone could help that would be amazing. Thank you very much.
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    Question / Help No audio from Zoom Q2n

    I'm live streaming to YouTube using a Zoom Q2n. The video is great but OBS doesn't recognise the Q2n when I add a audio input source.
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    Question / Help Audio Source Conflicts - Programs Seizing Audio - Windows 10

    Hello! I'm new to OBS and having some trouble with audio source conflict. I open Sibelius and Windows Media Player, and both play fine - using Windows 10 64 bit. Then, when I open OBS, I get no audio from WMP or Sibelius. OR - I open OBS, and then I have no audio in Chrome, or I can't stream at...
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    Question / Help Streaming with TV audio problem

    So I am using obs and a PS4 my ps is connected to the TV, and connect to an elgato to pick up the video capturing obviously, but what my problem is when I use my yeti mic it pics up the TV audio and my voice when I try to do commentary is there a way or settings that will help me streaming with...