Question / Help High GPU usage


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Some of you may not consider this usage as "high" but OBS Studio uses about 20% of my GPU at idle and it just gets higher and higher when I play games.
In-game it feels even worse. In CS:GO my FPS drops from a very smooth 300 to a very choppy and laggy 150-200.

My PC:
- Ryzen 5 1600
- GTX 480 (yes, the card from 2009)
- 8 GB DDR4

I am running the latest version of OBS Studio. I am "recording" using the replay buffer feature.
On 720p it's a lot less noticable than on 1080p. I checked the "limit capture framerate" on my sources.
These are my settings. I only have x264 available.

I've heard rumors about offloading GPU usage to the CPU but I think this was a joke.