Hide Hotkeys now in conflict with each other


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Hello there.

So basically I created short videos to be played when I hit a button.
I set it up so that I have Num+9 to "hide" and "show" the source. Doing it this way enabled me to prevent all the videos I had set up this way from playing when I start OBS and was set up so that the buttons always play from the start.
I had the same hotkeys for each source and each were shared across multiple scenes.
Now none of them work because of a hotkey conflict (denoted by the yellow triangle ! in the settings hotkey tab) which wasn't there before.
I have been using OBS in this particular way for about a year now.

Possible solutions or alternatives would be great!


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Have you tried it starting OBS as admin? If this helps, maybe you have another program confilcting it.


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Hey there thanks for the reply.
I tried running as an admin and I manually reset each hotkey one at a time. There was only a problem when the hotkey occurs across multiple scenes which did not use to be a problem.
The hot key are Alt Num+1,2,3.... if you can think of a program that might conflict with.
Going to go ahead and try doing all the things once more as something may have magically changed again