Question / Help Help with decision - Ryzen or Xeon for gaming and streaming


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I need help choosing between two platforms which i currently have at hand for my future gaming/streaming rig.

Here are things that are fixed: GPU is gonna be Vega 64 and my gaming will be WoW classic on 1440p 144hz and hopefully 1080p 60fps stream. And i want to have single system for both gaming and streaming, dedicated streaming machine is not an option.

These things in mind what platform or CPU should i go with, Ryzen 5 1600 or Xeon E5 2695 V3? These two i have currently. In debate between these two is mainly if Ryzen can keep up with game at 144Hz and 1080p, which to me is hard to estimate since i never streamed previously and have limited experience.

Then another possibility is also getting Ryzen 5 3600 if it would be better option than E5 2695 V3 - looking at cpubenchmark they seem equally matched, so i am perplexed on that one as well.

Thoughts, advice, much appreciated! Thank you!