1. S

    Whole PC freezes while I'm recording in OBS.

    Hello, I gotten a new PC about a month ago; so far it was doing great for recording gameplay videos until late last week. Now when I record for a while it will freeze the whole computer and I have to manually reboot the PC. I have the log. Cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600KF CPU @ 3.70Hz GC...
  2. hobo256

    Question / Help Help with decision - Ryzen or Xeon for gaming and streaming

    Hello, I need help choosing between two platforms which i currently have at hand for my future gaming/streaming rig. Here are things that are fixed: GPU is gonna be Vega 64 and my gaming will be WoW classic on 1440p 144hz and hopefully 1080p 60fps stream. And i want to have single system for...
  3. J

    Bug Report Constant lag whenever OBS is visible, stutter when OBS is not visible, using Win7 Classic theme

    Whenever not using Aero/desktop composition, OBS lags hard just by being visible, even with nothing captured or displayed. With anything being captured, it lags linearly harder(aka 32ms stutters become 64ms stutters become 96ms stutters become 128ms stutters), scaling proportionally with canvas...