Help/Suggestions - Matching different lengths of scrolling text


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Hi All!

I have 5 lines of text that are different Lengths, and I want them to scroll, but I want them to ROUGHLY take the same time to complete.

I tried altering the scroll speeds by 1 pt for each character difference, using the LONGEST line as a benchmark (Horiz. speed = 50), and so since the shortest line has 10 less characters I dropped that speed by 10 pts to 40, and it seemed to work at first, but the longer it ran the more disparate it became. IDK if this is even possible, but I thought Id ask.

GOAL: Essentially I have scrolling text of "player name" - "character name" - "species/class", and Id liek them all to more or less begin the scroll over at teh same time regardles of the character length.

Any advice or ideas would be welcome!

Thank you!