scroll filter

  1. K

    Text from file with scroll filter no longer scrolls

    Hello... I have a text source that reads a list of names from a file and scrolls it vertically in a loop. However since 29.0.1 (if not 29.0) it no longer works as it used to. Symptoms: If the scroll effect filter is disabled, then the head of the list is visible, but it doesn't scroll. If the...
  2. N

    Help/Suggestions - Matching different lengths of scrolling text

    Hi All! I have 5 lines of text that are different Lengths, and I want them to scroll, but I want them to ROUGHLY take the same time to complete. I tried altering the scroll speeds by 1 pt for each character difference, using the LONGEST line as a benchmark (Horiz. speed = 50), and so since the...
  3. AlphaKingFTK

    Scrolling Text Loop

    is there a way to fix the loop issue with obs filter as the next text inline is bunched up to the previous text there is no delay setting for when the next text should start
  4. D

    Scroll filter ruins quality

    Hello! I want to add a scroll filter to an instance of the spectralizer plugin, but when I do so, it starts looking pretty bad and I'm not quite sure why. Can anyone help me? Examples below.
  5. R

    Question / Help Reduce capture size without cropping

    I'm going to explain what I'm looking to do the best I can, but I apologize in advance if this is confusing. I'm not the best at explaining things :( The end product that I would like to have is a scrolling window (green) that moves across the items (red). What it currently does is move across...
  6. curs0r

    Bug Report GDI+ Text Pixelated / Rendered Strangely

    I'm using a GDI+ text field with its contents loaded from a text file (that will get updated over time with different texts with variable lengths) then I apply to it a scrolling filter. Everything works fine and the text scrolls ok but over time (especially when I reopen the app to make a new...