text animation

  1. N

    Help/Suggestions - Matching different lengths of scrolling text

    Hi All! I have 5 lines of text that are different Lengths, and I want them to scroll, but I want them to ROUGHLY take the same time to complete. I tried altering the scroll speeds by 1 pt for each character difference, using the LONGEST line as a benchmark (Horiz. speed = 50), and so since the...
  2. N

    How to Crossfade Text?

    Hi, I'm not sure where to post this but, here is my situation: I want to figure out what filter I need to use to AUTOMATICALLY crossfade between two lines of Text in a single scene. I don't want it to be something I have to press a hot key for. For example, I want line A to be "Player Name"...
  3. AAtext

    Find ways to improve the speed of text (GDI +) plug-in reading external text files.

    文本 (GDI +) 插件的外部文本文件刷新时间为 3 秒。哪个老师可以为我提供更新速度为100ms的DLL插件文件?我需要实时显示文本内容。
  4. StreamerEdu

    Free Customizable text animations from a browser source

    Hey OBS-ers, I've created a customizable text animation tool that allows you to have animated text overlays in OBS Studio using a browser source. It's easily configured by filling out an online form and putting the generated URL into a browser source. Just some of the options you can configure...