Help! OBS recorded file became corrupted when uploading to YouTube


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Pls Help with how to fix my recorded files. I have done multiple recordings and didn't know they become corrupted when uploading to YouTube. They can play very well and can even upload to Facebook. But when I upload them to YouTube it cannot be edited like the title and description it always says "Error occured". It also says "metadata not found" and "Video information cannot be uploaded" during the process of uploading on YouTube. I can't just redo the work I've done. I need help how to fix so I can upload them to YouTube :(

I tried converting them and re record them with different recording app on screen. It still persist. I'm about to cry. OBS is a great app so far but i started to hate it because it won't upload my files to YouTube (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

I'm starting my own Channel and and those recorded files are the ONLY proof I have. I can't just redo them. :(((((((

Pls help. T_T

PS. It gets error when opening last log file


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Your issue isn't with OBS. It appears either
- your video recording settings are incompatible with YouTube's requirements
This isn't my area, but anyone who would help is going to need video specifics (format, encoding settings, frame rates, resolution, key intervals/b-frames, etc).
- something is wrong with the video file you are creating
Have you tried playing the video file on your local PC with multiple video players?

Note, file corruption could take place on the upload, though that does seem unlikely. Have you tried uploading to YouTube from a different computer?

With OBS, did you follow the auto-configuration? or did you do custom recording settings? If custom, then most likely the issue isn't OBS, but your settings. OBS is very powerful and flexible, and will let you do things you shouldn't (ie make mistakes).

For anyone to help with your OBS install, you need to follow the instruction per pinned post in this forum AFTER making a recording of at least 15 seconds, preferably longer

If you are getting an error tryign to access OBS log, then maybe something is wrong with your computer (unrelated to OBS)?