Help me for Best settings for my PC


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Hello guys, i make this because i changed soo much settings and i can't find my one. Sometimes got recording lag or something.
Please i want someone who understand this to help me to got my best settings and never to touch it again.
I use mostly for Twitch Stream, but i record and videos for my YouTube channel.
-CPU Ryzen 7 5800X
-RAM 2x32GB DDR4 3600 Patriot Viper Steel
-Video RX 5500 XT 8GB Gaming X
- SSD 2x 512GB Crucial P5 3400/3000MB/s

Pictures of 3DMark Advanced Edition
2 Tests

Really thanks for read this! Have a great day!


Use the autoconfig feature from OBS for mostly streamoing and apply the recommended settings.
For recording use CPQ and set the CQ level between 23 and 15 (lower = better = more resources needed). Maybe start in 20.
Test. Test again. Test another time.


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Bro, i don't need to read like 100 more topics about this. Just read the Title please... I read soo much information.


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Do topic 1 of the linked quickstart guide and you have it. This will detect your hardware and run a small benchmark on your machine and adjust settings accordingly.

Everything else is just guesswork from our side, because nobody here knows how your pc and your internet connection behaves with the thing you intend to record or stream. The problem is that you have a AMD GPU, which has a somewhat bad hardware encoder, so you should use the x264 software encoder, which needs much CPU resources, which may or may not require additional configuration not only with OBS but also within your game/the thing you intend to capture to limit the game GPU and CPU demand, so both OBS and the game/the thing you intend to capture get their share of the system resources.

If you had a Nvidia GPU, it would be a very easy answer: just use their Nvenc hardware encoder and that's it, because Nvenc removes almost any CPU and GPU resource demand from OBS, so every resource is available to the game/the thing you intend to capture.