Heavey pixelating while streaming, even with a decent PC.


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Hello everyone,

I have a question. I have an PC with the following loadout:

- Ryzen 5 2600
- Sapphire 590 8GB
- 16 GB GDDR4 RAM 2666
- 1 TB external HDD
- 120 GB SSD

My OBS settings aren't that high. I stream in 720p/60 FPS with an 3000 Kpbs. Encoder is H.264/ veryfast. Audio is streamed at 192 at 48 khz. Color is NV12 with 709. I stream on youtube. (The pixelating is on sites like twitch or mixer much worse)

If I stream Hunt Showdown (Lowest settings) my Stream gets it 60 FPS but its heavily pixelated when I move but not when I don't move. And not only in Hunt Showdown, but Minecraft, Halo (PC-Gamepass), Outlast etc. I don't know if my PC is too weak, my settings too high or if the games are too exhausting. Can I do anything about it? If not, are there any capture cards which free the CPU from encoding?

Thank you for reading.


pixelation = to much informations for the less bitrate

still or less movement/picture changes = less data required
more movement/picture change = more data required

720P60 at 3.000 will generate pixel at high motion

btw you write ender is H.264 means you encode over the AMD card
AMD encoder is not what you select for stream for record ok but the compression rate from all AMD cards related to Nvenc in badword only 50%
means your pixelation with a 590 vs a 1660 Super is more then double at same bitrate
the very fast is a little uncommon idk if that the quality setting from AMD sounds more like the x264 (cpu encoder)
if you use the cpu encoder you can try (but the cpu is to slow) to increase the quality a little up to faster or fast
but this will make cpu usage troubles at a high chance

the only real tip is increase bitrate if your connection allow it (up to 4500/6000)
that will make the biggest change in quality other way go from 60FPS to 30FPS will reduce pixelation massively too