Question / Help HDMI capture device options for a USB 2 & thunderbolt only mac


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Hey there,

Noob alert. I am trying to work out how to capture the clean 1080p30 HDMI output from my Nikon D7200 with my iMac; mid 2011 2.5 GHz i5 (quad core) running MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 (& OBS 24.0.6). My mac has only USB 2 ports and a Thunderbolt 1 port.

My research indicates that all the USB capture cards that deliver an uncompressed stream, will max out at 720p30 over USB 2.

To get 1080p30 over USB 2, I would need a card that compresses the video using h.264. From what I read, this would introduce a delay in the order of 1 or so seconds but that seems fixable with corresponding audio and video delays of all the other sources in OBS.

However, I cannot seem to be able to find a USB 2 card that will do this for the mac. The HD60 (no S) seemed like a candidate but does not have appropriate drivers to be used with OBS or Skype. The Avermedia GL310 will not work with other apps on the mac either, only on windows.

The only other options seem to be the Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Recorder or the Intensity Shuttle connected via Thunderbolt. Both of these have HDMI in but I have read conflicting reports ranging from "awesome" to "not working". Also I have read that they seem to have issues with the new and improved versions of Skype. Skype compatibility would be great.

The much loved Magewell Gen 2 cannot be used to deliver 1080p30 over USB 2 as it only delivers an uncompressed stream. Only really suited for USB 3.

So, that's the result of my looooong first foray into capture card territory with the aforementioned constraints I am bound by.

Does anyone have experience with USB 2 HDMI capture on OBS for MAC or is it an impossible option and I should go with the BMD devices?