Question / Help Having Severe issues with desktop audio in OBS. Assistance requested


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So I've been trying to create videos with OBS.
and it's taken me longer then I'd like, but I noticed I'm having an audio issue. Where it's delayed by between 1-3 seconds (too lazy for an exact timeframe. It's delayed by a constant timeframe between 1-3 rather then varying between 1-3 seconds for clarification.) I tried fixing it on my own, failed. I searched for help on the forums, which suggested turning on a audio sync option in "advanced." Of which I found absolutely none, and have no idea what they meant by "advanced." So then I tried looking for a fix on YT, however I ended up creating an entirely new problem, and without fixing the old one. The audio plays correctly... at a nearly inaudible volume. Then the delay plays the volume correctly afterwards.

I would greatly appreciate any, and all assistance given.
Logs if they can help