Gstreamer for less delay-latency for my RTSP camera - Mac OS/Catalina/OBS


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Hi Everyone,

I want to install Gstreamer plugin for control my RTSP camera latency. But I tried to fallow tutorials and install Gstreamer but it's too complicated for me. After many ours to try, I request help.
It's very hard for me to understand how to install and play this plugin. So I need a hand, from the beginning to the end, for install, configure and use my setup with Gstreamer. Code and plugs are not my family, it's a little strange for me. BUT I want to understand because I have to reduce my 6 RTSP cameras latency.

Is somebody can explain me the things to do? From A to Z, with links etc...? It will be fantastic.
Thanks in advance for this hard exercice!

OBS 26.0.2 / Hackintosh Catalina 10.15.7 / Cameras protocol: <<< rtsp:// >>>


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Take a look here. These are the step necessary to install gstreamer on a windows machine.
Take care of choosing the 2.0 gstreamer DLL version of Tuna.

After successfully completing these steps, a new video source will show up as 'gstreamer source'.

Please find this option before continuing to the next step, adding a camera to gstreamer.

It is a deep dive indeed..... still struggling with a lot of things considering gstreamer and OBS.

@Tuna, if i missed something please let me know. ;-)


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Thanks for your message,
Unfortunately I work with a Mac (Catalina). But I tried to install via Homebrew (the steps here )
I tried different plugin install ops methods but nothing happened. I don't see Gstreamer on OBS sources mini menu.
So I need to re-install Gstreamer but with a tutorial because I think I missed something. And I can't detail all my steps here because I don't remember and I did lot of things (move bin etc...)
So I think I need to restart at the begin
Thanks ;)


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Related, is there any chance that OBS will simply fix the delay issues such that the delay from the RTSP stream is at least predictable and consistent? On my Mac I see delays from 1.4 to 5 seconds, usually 1.4-1.5 seconds. If the delay is more than that, I close out of OBS and open it back up again, which eventually gets me a lower latency delay. This doesn't happen in VLC player, so it's OBS specific as others have reported.