Question / Help GPU Encoder Overload (on well equipped machine)


I am having the same encoder overload that many people have complained about but I cannot find a solution to my issue. I have no frame drops on my game at all when I play but the error immediately comes up for several games (apex legends, Rainbow six Siege, Sea of Thieves). I am just trying to record video, not even stream. Here is my setup:

  • Asus ROG Z370 Strix- E ATX
  • CPU
    • Intel Core I7-8700K Overclocked
  • Ram
    • Trident Z 3200 Mhz 32 GB (2 x 16GB)
  • Power Supply
    • Corsair AX1200i
  • Graphics Card
    • Asus ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 TI 11GB OC edition (over clocked)
    • 1st: Samsung 850 Pro 512 GB
      • For OS and programs
    • 2cd: Western Digital Black 2TB
      • For all games and steam (mods for games ect)
    • 3rd: Western Digital Black 2TB
    • 4th: Western Digital Black 4TB
      • video recordings

I have attached my log file from my current short session. It may not be too long but the entire couple minutes I was playing on Siege it has the encoder overload message.

I have also attached photos of my setup through obs:
I didn't attach this photo but if it makes a difference under my advance tab I made UYV color space 709 and YUV color range full to help with the washing out when you stop the recording (when it worked)

All my videos do is run smoothly until I get into the game and as soon as I start a match they lag all and skip. I have also attempted to change many of my settings and nothing has worked.

Thank you guys for any help you can provide.


Well that's not good news at all. This isn't close to first bug that I have had with OBS and I'm beginning to not want to use this program for recording anymore. I love how you can make individual tracks for sounds making it easier to edit afterwards but this program every update from windows or on OBS itself has all kinds of issues. I didn't have any issue with the older version but of course there is no way either for me to contact the developers and have them chime in or at least start working on a solution to fix a major issue with their system. With my computer setup I should easily be capable of recording and playing games. I'm just getting started on recording myself but for those who have reached the point of making a living off of it this would not work at all. You can't make a living on such an unstable program...
Ok thanks R1CH I will try that this afternoon once I get home. Also I should add this in just in case it helps with my issue personally, I had to re-install windows 10 on my computer about a week ago and that's when I also re-downloaded my programs including the new OBS version.I have properly removed all drivers from my GPU and then made sure to install the latest version driver just in case there was multiple drivers conflicting on my GPU. But that also means as R1CH has suggested there may be some settings changed on my computer back to the normal and that could lead to an issue possibly conflicting with the software of OBS.

Also just to note because I want to check this out with other people, when you game what is the % that your GPU is running at when you play a game? Mine is running with seige and apex at 91 to 97% when gaming. Is that what you guys are seeing on your task manager or GPU monitoring program? I didn't know if this was the norm nor do I know if the GPU is actually being ran near 100 % or if it's just donating all the vram to the game in case.
I wonder if we're having the same issue.

I'm noticing that when I'm using NVENC (NEW), depending on the game, I can drop up to 70% of my frames due to encoding lag. Switching to NVENC (OLD) eliminated the encoding lag for me, but rendering lag significantly increased.

1080ti + i7 5960x + 32GB RAM
Tried out regular x264, and that felt much better than either of the NVENC encoders at the moment; 0% encoding lag and max render lag was 2.6%.

But I had excellent performance in NVENC (OLD) in many different games in OBS 22 and earlier.
I turned off game mode, game bar, and capture, restarted OBS and game and it worked! I cannot believe and I am still wondering how that little change made such a huge difference but it did. Thank you so much for the advice. I am not completely believing it though, I have had too many problems with OBS in the past and I will have to record for a long time with several different games and sessions before I will say it's fixed.
I turned off game mode, game bar, and capture; no difference as well.

Here are my stats with different NVENC options.

NVENC[New]_Lookahead[ON]_PVT[ON].jpg NVENC[Old].jpg NVENC[New]_Lookahead[OFF]_PVT[OFF].jpg

I might roll back to OBS 22 later to see if there are any improvements.

1080ti + i7 5960x + 32GB RAM - Driver 419.35
I lowered the target frame rate of my recordings from 60fps to 30fps. Lag was eliminated for NVENC(OLD) and hovered around 3% for NVENC(NEW).

Maybe stick to NVENC(OLD) until NVENC(NEW) is more mature. Use 30fps as your starting point, and slowly ramp up the frame rate until you find the maximum value you can get whilst maintaining 0% lag.
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Yeah even though turning off game mode somehow worked for me, I still believe that there is an issue with a bug for OBS. It just doesn't seem right when the older version didn't have any issues. I still wonder though because my graphics card (1080ti) should easily be capable of recording and playing games but even then when I play siege or apex legends it shows 97% or more being used and I know that recording with OBS takes, for me, around 6% extra on GPU so I still don't know what is the main culprit. I don't know if turning off game mode actually fixed a bug with OBS or if it lowered the % of the GPU being used just enough to not get GPU encoder overload. What do you guys think? I keep hearing that the GPU should have the power to do both easily but I mean it doesn't seem like that is the case but it could just be OBS...
There is a guy on another thread complaining about lag in OBS on his 2080ti.

I don't think its an OBS thing. I tried out Bandicam (which also has NVENC) and ended up recording what I can only describe as an animated GIF.

I wonder if its a driver issue.

1080ti + i7 5960x + 32GB RAM - Driver 419.35
There is a guy on another thread complaining about lag in OBS on his 2080ti.

I don't think its an OBS thing. I tried out Bandicam (which also has NVENC) and ended up recording what I can only describe as an animated GIF.

I wonder if its a driver issue.

1080ti + i7 5960x + 32GB RAM - Driver 419.35
don't think so. I tried rolling back to past drivers, didn't change a thing.
well I have kept researching it and even though my recordings have smoothed out and work now without the game mode on it still confuses me. I have seen many people record/stream and play with one graphics card, but on some of the more intensive games my graphics card is already showing 100% and my CPU if I stream can get up to 100% and at which point you have to begin wondering if any errors in the game or recordings is due to overload or just a bug in a driver or obs. I cannot figure it out for sure. I am beginning to wonder if I should honestly just build a streaming pc with another I7-8700k CPU and 2080 GPU and use it or would it be okay go ahead and just get another graphics card just to be safe. For you guys out there who have been streaming and recording and hopefullly both at the same time while playing, how would you recommend doing it? A second computer to handle the streaming and recording or just a second graphics card in my build (at the top for part list)?? I don't want to spend money I don't need to.