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Hey guys,

i have the following problem:
if i start OBS everything is fine (framerates in LoL are 120- 144Hz) all good.
if i start the stream however the frames go all over the place. I googled a lot the last copuple of days and searched for the reason of this issue... the log told me then that i have a problem with "d3d9 memory capture"

Things i tried to fix it:

Updating Windows
Updating All Drivers and Programms i use
Setting OBS and the games as Administrator.
Tried from ScreenCaptuaring up to Gamecapture with and without FPS lock everything to hook the game
Changed bitrates and watched my PC-Hardware-Usage
Reading this:
and watching a lot of bad YT-vids.... but still nothing helped and a lot of people did the same things i already tried...

i am just done... i cant find the reason why it does not work....

I hope you guys can help me :)

Log is attached. Ty very much!

Hardware i use atm

MSI NVIDIA GeForce 1080
More if Needed


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