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  1. T

    OBS Game Capture uses all of my CPU

    Hello, I've recently started using OBS Studio to capture Minecraft for my YouTube channel. I've encountered an issue where OBS is using about 50% of my CPU when using the game capture source, it makes Minecraft drop from 120 FPS to 10 FPS even when I'm not recording/streaming. When I use display...
  2. LastWitcher117

    Question / Help FPS in game fine but on OBS recording review dropping

    First my log file: I had 2 1920x1080 60hz monitors and I could record easily but since I bought new 2540x1440 monitor I can't record anything with OBS, first of all in game I have a lot of fps in games but still there are some strange lags while obs...
  3. L

    Question / Help Gamestuttering while Streaming

    Hey guys, i have the following problem: if i start OBS everything is fine (framerates in LoL are 120- 144Hz) all good. if i start the stream however the frames go all over the place. I googled a lot the last copuple of days and searched for the reason of this issue... the log told me then that...
  4. G

    Question / Help Game had to be at 60 fps

    So I found a temporary solution to my problem for obs was that if I put my game to 60 fps and my obs to 60 the stream will have no lag. But my question is can I not cap my game at 60 fps cause I have a 144 hz monitor and want to play at 144 fps.