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So I started streaming again and since I remembered I didnt have this problems back then when my Specs where not as good. But anyway I wanted to stream and it looked fine until I realized some stutters, didnt think much of it searched for some solutions non worked. Not only on Stream are little stutters even in the preview of OBS. I checked the dropped Frames which shouldnt be an problem because they kept low. Or at least thats what I figuret out. I tried changing the bitrate, the server, the game/capping its framerate/changing options, the resolution of output, the encoder, presets, same results. Yes I tried running it as an admin didnt change either. Reinstalled OBS cleared Scenes, which gave me another problem I did solve though, didnt change at all so I figured I could get some help here. Maybe im just too stupid to figure it out or I dont know either. It just feels like its skipping frames or even going back for a moment, I also noticed it got worst the faster I look around ingame.I tried keeping the uage of CPU and GPU as low as possible which was around 50-60%. I was streaming multiple times in which I stopped and started the stream again to see the results of changed options. But I realized it also happens on the preview of OBS even when im not streaming. The game itself runs fine on 60FPS.

Ryzen 7 2700 3200MHz
16gb DDR4 Ram
Nvidia 1070 8gb
MSI B450 Gaming Plus
Monitor for Games: SAMSUNG S24E390HL
2x For OBS and Twitch: ASUS VW22ATL

Sorry for the many Logs '^w^


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