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    Question / Help Games Stutter in OBS and on Stream

    So I started streaming again and since I remembered I didnt have this problems back then when my Specs where not as good. But anyway I wanted to stream and it looked fine until I realized some stutters, didnt think much of it searched for some solutions non worked. Not only on Stream are little...
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    Question / Help Best settings for my OBS?

    Trying to find the best settings for streaming and here are my specs: CPU: AMD-FX8350 4ghz base 4.2 Turbo GPU: Asus Nvidia Geforece GTX 1060 6gb RAM: 16gb PSU: 750 PING(internet): 18ms Download Speed: 195.09mbps Upload Speed: 12.01Mbps Trying to do 720p @60FPS. What settings should I use?
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    Question / Help What is the difference between preset: Max performance vs quality?

    Hello guys, I am new to streaming and i am using OBS for streaming on youtube. I have a gaming laptop with following specifications: Processor: Core i7 7700hq Ram: 16gb DDR4 2400MHz Dual channel GPU: GTX 1050 2GB Storage: M.2 240gb + 1TB HDD 5400 rpm I am able to run most of the games with...
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    Question / Help CPU stuck at 99%/100% immediately as I start streaming games.

    Hi all, As stated in the title, my CPU flies right up to 100% once I start streaming, I haven't streamed in a while and I remember that it used to work fine but since then I have had to update to the newer version of OBS and I have gained an extra monitor since. (I am running 4 monitors). My...
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    Question / Help Newbie Question. How Can I Stream 2 or more Streams To Youtube at Once

    Sorry this is a newbie Question. I want to know how to stream 2 or more prerecorded streams to YouTube at once? I would appreciate if someone point me in the right direction Many Thanks
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    Question / Help Streaming Live with OBS with Clean Monitor

    Hello, I want to stream live using my Nikon D300s but every time I went on live, the camera has its own information displaying. And it looks totally ugly to show all the camera information to your audience. IS there any way to clean or disable all the information while streaming? I went through...