Question / Help Game sound level appears fine in OBS mixer, but too low in the recording


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It was working just fine on Windows 7, then I had to install Windows 10 after upgrade to Intel 8th gen hardware and now, when I record with OBS, its volume meters show good levels, but in the recorded file game audio is way too low, while mic is fine.

What I've already checked:
1. OBS volume is not lower than other programs or main volume in Windows mixer.
2. Windows sound settings are already set to do nothing while recording voice.

How can OBS show good sound meter levels and then record it way too low is beyond my understanding. You can see sound volume difference in the screenshots.


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I've applied 16 dB volume boost to desktop audio as a temporary fix. Hopefully it will not cause peaking for the stream. The recorded sample wasn't as loud as in my Windows 7 setup, but now it's somewhat listenable at least. Still have no idea why Windows 10 makes recorded desktop volume much lower.


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If that screenshot of your desktop audio capture is indicative of the majority of the sound level for your desktop audio, then you have your setting way too low. OBS's mixer uses the standard logarithmic graph to indicate audio levels, so every step of 10 literally means 10 times lower amplitude in the waveform. Based on the -30db of the mixer readout there, the wave output amplitude in audacity is what I'd expect to see.

As a general rule, the normal goal is to aim for your desktop/main sounds to hover right at the top of the green bar, and your voice level should reside comfortably within the yellow.


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Thanks for the advice on meters adjustments. It would have been better if OBS could record the exact game volume a player can hear, but at least I have a workaround now.