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Freeze Filter 0.3.3

Bart Nijs

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Hey Exeldro, this is something I have been looking for for a while. Could you add the possibility to freeze only part of the screen?
I want to use it as part of a magic trick. So for me the freeze frame should show on top of the video (thus covering part of it) without a visilble seam, so there should be some kind of gradual alpha transition. And I want to remove the freeze frame with a hotkey.
If you could do this, that would be great!
Hi, I can't launch OBS 24.0.3 anymore after copying the files over. I need to remove them and it works again. Is there a compatability issue? I have to use this older version because I have problems with Game Capture blackscreens. I just installed OBS clean and fresh today, so there's no other lugin running atm. Help is appreciated! :)


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I was just wundering If I could use this filter to mask my PTZ camera movement, if I switch between scenes.
At the moment of switching to another scene, the camera would Pan, Tilt en Zoom which is anoing for the viewers.

If I could freeze the first scene briefly at the moment of switching to the second scene, the camera movement could be masked.

How could I accomplisch this?



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@_Robbie add the freeze filter to the first scene and have it disabled. Enable the filter when the camera movement is ongoing, switched to the second scene and disable the filter again.


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The filter should automaticaly load when switching the scenes. Between scene A and B, (going to preset B) and between Scene A and B (going to preset A)
I got this working, (did not work using the fading transition).
But if I swith from scene C ( a scene with a fixed picture) to Scene A , I briefly see scene B, this freezes for 2 seconds (I set 2000 ms) before scene B becomes visible.
This occurs of course only if the scene before Scene C was Scene B.
Hard to explain but I hope you got the picuture.

BTW, there is a function in the PTZ camera called "image freeze" this does exactly what I want, but only using SDI or HDMI out. And I use NDI or RSTP via UTP.