Bug Report FPS cuts in half (Jurassic World Evolution)


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This only occurs to me during Jurassic World Evolution, but I wanted to report it both to Frontier and here, since in-game events are not the only instigator of the FPS drops and it sounds like a lot of streamers are running into this. Note: the fps drops are only on stream. The game runs smoothly. See attached for DxDiag.

FPS drops/cuts in half. If on 30fps, down to as bad as 12. If on 60, as bad as 28. For me, this occurs during cinematic events, moving the camera around quickly, while using a webcam, or when having some sort of other video such as an ad run on the screen. To reiterate and clarify: the game itself does not drop in fps, but the stream does for the viewers. For me, Jurassic World Evolution is the only piece of software that does this.

Reproduction Steps
Open OBS Studio (uncertain if it occurs to streamers using other software) and check fps while playing. I can instigate the fps drops by either rolling an ad (e.g. loots), turning on a usb webcam (tested Logitech's C920 and C930e), moving the camera around really fast, or events occurring in game. Does not occur from a DSLR (Panasonic GH4) hooked up via game capture device (HD60) .

Expected Result
Game runs smoothly; stream runs smoothly and sees the fps I see.

Actual Result
FPS cuts in half in streaming software, looking like a slideshow for viewers if it drops enough. CPU % usage is nowhere near max 7-14% while streaming; this occurs whether actively streaming or not. Processor affinity set to all processors. Priority set to high. (Both game and OBS). Occurs on OBS 21.1.0 and 21.1.2. Occurs whether fullscreen or borderless window. Occurs whether graphic settings are ultra or very low. Occurs whether a relatively empty park or a busy developed one. Occurs whether OBS is set to 30 or 60 fps. Does NOT occur from an animated gif or image slideshow.

If you have any ideas, let me know. Thanks!!


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