Filters for same audio source in one scene but not in another.


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Hey, I've added Spotify to my Stream Starting scene, it plays at full volume here, but in my Just Chatting scene I want it to be at 60% volume, how do I achieve this?
Also, I want to add filters to the Just Chatting scene's music but not on the Stream Starting one, both the sources are the same.
I tried adding two different sources in both scenes and setting volume for one at 100% and 60% for the another but then it hard cuts the music and hurts audiences' ears, how can I add an audio fade to them so they don't hurt people's ears, note: I am using a stinger transition so using fade transition doesn't work for me.
Thank You!


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The audio properties should allow for a crossfade, even on a stinger transition.
Otherwise, you will need to use something like a Streamdeck multi-action and an audio adjustment plugin (such as the one by BarRaider) to accomplish this.