scene audio

  1. X

    Lock Audio such that the locked audio should be playing even after changing the scene.

    Hey, I am trying to stream a meet from a browser source and if I change the scene my output audio(Browsers output audio) is not streamed for that scene which is expected but I want to lock the audio of a source of a particular scene and it should be visible in all the scenes. Do we have any...
  2. P

    Using Nested Scene for Audio sounds great for me but can't be heard by stream.

    Hi! I saw a youtube video teaching you how to use a nested scene for your audio and I thought that looked dope! It's called "5 ADVANCED Features You SHOULD Be Using in OBS Studio" by Gaming Careers if you're curious. I followed the instructions and everything looked great in OBS. The mixer bars...
  3. Lord Lumineer

    Add audio filters to scenes

    I would like to suggest OBS devs to add feature to include audio filters alongside the already available "video filters" to scenes so that the simple user can: Add a "scene" into other scenes and apply the compression filter\Gain values To have separate audio levels of same audio source on...
  4. B

    Filters & Audio Not Saving Between Scenes

    I read the other posts on this topic but the suggested fixes are not working. :( I use OBS to stream live classes. I need to switch between filters and audio depending on the scene. In scene #1 I use desktop audio. In scene #2 I use mic audio. I created a 2nd profile for the 2nd audio needs...
  5. S

    Filters for same audio source in one scene but not in another.

    Hey, I've added Spotify to my Stream Starting scene, it plays at full volume here, but in my Just Chatting scene I want it to be at 60% volume, how do I achieve this? Also, I want to add filters to the Just Chatting scene's music but not on the Stream Starting one, both the sources are the same...
  6. E

    Mixer Request

    Dear OBS, I would like to start off by saying that I really love what you all are doing. I love being able to get such a good stream with free software. But I do have a request when it comes to the mixer. I think that it would be amazing if the mixer presets stay assigned to the specific...