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    Application Audio Capture Problem

    Hi! I want to have different levels of audio between the scenes for the same source, this time is Spotify, but I think this problem is for every source. When I make a new "Application Audio Output Source" the first that I make from that application works well, but when I make a new one from that...
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    How do I control a source (browser) audio to mute on the scene?

    I am completely new to OBS, and I am trying to display 3 browsers sources with YouTube videos (which will be on 4 different scenes, in the first one all sources will be muted and the following 3 scenes will unmute 1 of each sources. Is it possible to do it without adding a new different source...
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    Easier access to advanced audio properties for audio source

    Advanced audio properties are hidden on right click menu on Audio mixer. It would be helpful if advanced audio settings are actually available on each audio source in it's existing properties dialog.
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    Filters for same audio source in one scene but not in another.

    Hey, I've added Spotify to my Stream Starting scene, it plays at full volume here, but in my Just Chatting scene I want it to be at 60% volume, how do I achieve this? Also, I want to add filters to the Just Chatting scene's music but not on the Stream Starting one, both the sources are the same...
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    Audio mixer

    HI, not sure if it's the good place for this, im a bit lost in here. Here's my problem: basically, my audio in/out of my hedset always active. Even if its disconnected or if i put it invisible in the source panel, i've tried to delete the source but its still it the mixing audio panel. ITS...