Encoding overload while recoridng and streaming after update


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Hey! Today I tried to stream and record like I usually do, but today for some reason it started insanely overloading. When I stream without recording or vice versa it sometimes works fine without any issues, but still, after a couple of test recordings or streams, it starts overloading. I thought it was the cause of the capture card, but when I recorded an empty scene, it still overloaded the whole thing.

I record and stream at 4k and don't rescale it cause the capture card will overload the encoder, but when it's recorded and streamed at the same resolution I had 0 problems and everything worked smoothly until now.

Seems like that problem is on the older OBS version as well now. I attached logs from both versions. And a screenshot from stats.

Hope you can help me solve this problem, I tried to change settings around but nothing really worked


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